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Made for the Trucking community

This blog is designed to take you on a journey through the world of DAWN TMS and how we make sure that your trucking experience can be smooth, taking your business to the next level.

Is DawnTMS worth your time? (And other questions answered)

Carriers and owner ops are skeptical and should be.

We always have to watch out for who’s trying to pull a fast one.

Here at Dawn TMS, our founding team is committed to providing the straight answers and transparency you deserve.

Top 5 questions from our customers:

What does Dawn TMS offer that I could actually use?

• Dawn TMS was designed by a seasoned carrier who understood the need for a fresh take on an “old-school” industry. Having personally run tens of thousands of loads worth tens of millions of dollars, he searched for a tool to make his team's work more efficient. When he couldn't find one, he built Dawn TMS.

2. What’s the learning curve for DawnTMS?

• We know a lot of truck drivers aren’t keen on new tech & apps. If a tool is too tricky to use, it just gathers dust. But with Dawn TMS, if you can send an email, you can use our tool. Plus, our onboarding team will support you daily until you're comfortable.

3. How much does DawnTMS cost?

• Right now, our first 125 users have their subscriptions pre-paid for 6 months by our investors. No contracts, no payment info, no financial commitment. To qualify for an investor-sponsored account, you just need to agree to use the platform regularly and provide feedback.

Currently, we have xyz sponsored accounts available

How secure is my data?

• Dawn TMS was founded by patriots who make data security a top priority. You alone will have access to your data. No one else.

5. How well does DawnTMS integrate with existing systems?

• DawnTMS isn’t trying to do everything. Our integrations are flexible, designed to mesh seamlessly with your current set up. Our team will help ensure a smooth integration process.

We understand you might have more questions and are probably wondering if DawnTMS is the right fit for you and your business.

The best way to find out? Get on a call with us, and we can show you how DawnTMS can help with your specific situation.

Looking forward to supporting you on your road to success.
Your ally on the road,
The DawnTMS Team