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This blog is designed to take you on a journey through the world of DAWN TMS and how we make sure that your trucking experience can be smooth, taking your business to the next level.

Join the revolution: Why truckers are choosing DawnTMS

Curious about the real impact that DawnTMS can have on your trucking business?

We've gathered feedback from customers.

Here’s what they have to say:

• “Dope fam.  My docs are mad easy now. No Cap.” - Don

• "It sorts out my documents, simplifies workflows, and gives me invoice insights that help me get paid faster." - Julio

• "Wow. Managing 7 trucks is easier than handling 1 used to be. No more midnight panic attacks." - Richard

• "DAWN TMS simplifies my business for all of our trucks and dispatchers. Period." - Brenda
Our users have seen real improvements in their efficiency, cost savings, and overall business growth.

And let's not forget the peace of mind.


Because we've walked a mile in your boots and have scaled a trucking business to 60+ trucks.We knew there wasn’t a solution out there like DawnTMS, so we rolled up our sleeves and built it, from the ground up with the backing of investors.
What does it mean to be investor backed?

Being investor-backed speaks volumes. The founder of Dawn TMS previously launched a carrier company in 2013 and scaled it to 8 figures & 65 trucks before dedicating his full attention to Dawn TMS.

He's forged solid relationships with individuals and groups who are eager to sponsor (pay for) the first six months for 125 users. No contract, no payment information, and no financial commitment.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Why would an investor sponsor a user so they can use the platform for free? In a word - Validation. User feedback is priceless when you're building a game-changer in any industry. Having active users providing feedback lets our development team home in on the most valuable features.