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DawnTMS Blog

Made for the Trucking community

This blog is designed to take you on a journey through the world of DAWN TMS and how we make sure that your trucking experience can be smooth, taking your business to the next level.

The ultimate TMS solution? (Nacho Libre Approved)

When it comes to managing your trucking operations, you need more than just an ordinary solution.

That's why DawnTMS stands out from the rest.
Life as a carrier & owner-operator can be hard…

• Disorganized load management: Frustration with locating rate cons & rate updates in emails, PODs in your camera roll, lumper receipts gone missing… it’s loco.

• Broker’s short-paying: Feeling cheated by brokers who undercut your earnings or don’t fulfill their commitments.

• Paperwork & Profitability complications: Mounds of confusing paperwork and unsure how it's affecting your profitability?

All this can cause financial miscalculations and uncertainty about your actual earnings.

But life doesn’t need to be hard

Organized Load Management: Forget about the hassle of searching through emails and losing track of delivery pictures.  Centralize all your documentation with DawnTMS, avoiding lost revenue and hassle - its as easy as sending an email.

Broker Negotiation Support:  Take control of your earnings. DawnTMS equips you with tools for broker accountability, protecting your earnings.

Streamlined Paperwork & Profit Insight: By simplifying paperwork and data collection, Dawn TMS offers clear financial insights, removing guesswork from your profitability & equipping you to make informed business decisions like the mega-carriers.

What does it mean to be investor backed?

Being investor-backed speaks volumes. The founder of Dawn TMS previously launched a carrier company in 2013 and scaled it to 8 figures & 65 trucks before dedicating his full attention to Dawn TMS.

He's forged solid relationships with individuals and groups who are eager to sponsor (pay for) the first six months for 125 users. No contract, no payment information, and no financial commitment.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Why would an investor sponsor a user so they can use the platform for free? In a word - Validation. User feedback is priceless when you're building a game-changer in any industry. Having active users providing feedback lets our development team home in on the most valuable features.
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Don't settle for mediocrity.

Command your trucking business with DawnTMS and gain the competitive edge you deserve.
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Let us show you firsthand how DawnTMS can revolutionize your operations and unlock new levels of success.

Your ally on the road,
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