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This blog is designed to take you on a journey through the world of DAWN TMS and how we make sure that your trucking experience can be smooth, taking your business to the next level.

Truckers Speak Up About DawnTMS (And What The Rock Might Say)

Look at your trucking business as it stands today…

Now close your eyes and picture how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would run your business.

Our users have found out that what The Rock wants (probably) no longer needs to be a pipe dream.
Do any of these issues ring a bell? (This is what we've heard from other owner-operators)

Brokers trying to stiff you for lumpers, detention, layovers, missing paperwork?

• Persistent nagging from dispatch for updates, adding to your stress and distracting you from the road?

• Uncertainty about managing fuel taxes and compliance paperwork, leaving you open to costly mistakes?

• Struggling to track revenue and costs properly, jeopardizing your financial stability?

What if I told you that with DawnTMS, these problems could all become distant memories?

Companies that have transformed their operations all have one thing in common: they took the first step and scheduled an info call with one of our DawnTMS agents.
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Check out these testimonials from businesses just like yours:

• "Not a big fan of apps, but this one is simple and really helps me stay organized. Been at this for a while, and this is the most organized my business has ever been" - John

• "DAWN TMS is a game-changer! It streamlines my day-to-day and helps me collect all the money owed to me. Highly recommended." - Ricardo"Yo

• DAWN TMS is dope. I thought it was sketchy when I first heard about it, but dang, they got it right." - Dave

What does it mean to be investor backed?

Being investor-backed speaks volumes. The founder of Dawn TMS previously launched a carrier company in 2013 and scaled it to 8 figures & 65 trucks before dedicating his full attention to Dawn TMS.

He's forged solid relationships with individuals and groups who are eager to sponsor (pay for) the first six months for 125 users. No contract, no payment information, and no financial commitment.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Why would an investor sponsor a user so they can use the platform for free? In a word - Validation. User feedback is priceless when you're building a game-changer in any industry. Having active users providing feedback lets our development team home in on the most valuable features.

So, what will your testimonial be after experiencing a tool like this?
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